Candle Colors For Court Cases

candle colors for court cases

Candle colors for court cases. If you are a regular visitor to this site, you have already possibly seen out other articles about court cases. In one of the articles, we wrote about different types of cases that can be involved in the court. In the other piece, we have given some tips about how you can use the likes of voodoo spells to win a court case. In this article, we go deeper into the candle colors for court cases.

If you are going to use candles for spells, it is always important to remember that the color of a candle has a specific role to play. What is essential is to ensure that if you are going to court, you decide the right color for the candle to use. To be able to do this, you will need to know a little more about candles than the ordinary person.  

Powerful spell casters for court cases can also be an excellent resource for knowledge about the right candles.  

Selecting a candle for court cases

If candles are going to form part of your court case kit, then you are going to not only need the right color for your candles, you will need the right quality too. I always advise people to get high-quality candles because some of these candles that are not appropriately manufactured can have toxins that can leave you feeling such. Good quality candles would usually show their ingredients, so you know there are no toxins. candle colors for court cases.

It is also essential that you get a candle that has the right scent. It is necessary to consider the scent because in the majority of cases when you cast a court spell using candles, the candle will have to be left to burn until it is finished. Can you imagine having to sit for hours in a room with a candle that has a smell which you do not like?

Toxins to avoid

Whether you are looking for candles or you want to use a just judge oil recipe for your cases, there are certain toxins that you would want to avoid. Some of the ingredients that should be of concern include paraffin wax and leaded wicks. So, you should be confident to check your candles when you buy them to ensure that they are safe for both you and your family.

Safety first

Also, apart from just looking at the colors when you are looking for candle spells for court cases, it is essential to ensure safety when you are using the candle. This is because a candle can be a huge fire hazard if left unattended. One of the most basic ways of ensuring that a candle is safely used would be to ensure that you get the right candle stand.

If you are going to use a candle in the home, ensure that someone is always attending to the candle. This is why I would advise you to make sure that you reserve a specific time to cast your court spells when you don’t need to be doing anything else. candle colors for court cases.

In a home with children or pets, when you use a road opener candle for court cases, ensure that the pets are safely locked away. You don’t want the cat or dog walking past the candle, catching fire, and burning your whole house.

7 color candle meaning

Now that we are clear about the fundamental issues you should attend to before using candles for court cases spells, let’s get back to our topic of the day: the colors of candles. What is essential is to ensure that each color is the right one for your specific purpose. candle colors for court cases.

Green for money

One thing that you are certainly going to need apart from crystals for winning court cases is money. The green candle is the one to use when you are casting spells to attract money. This is money you will use to hire the lawyers that will advise you and represent you during the court case. You may also find that working can be a challenge when you are also having to fight a court case. Hence, you will need all the money magic you can get. 

White for protection

The reason why you are possibly in court could have to do with the fact that there are people who would want to destroy you. If you do not take action, your enemies will win, and you will soon be in jail. This is where a white candle could be useful. This is the candle you will also want to light if you’re going to clean yourself of the dark cloud that is following you, which could have made you land in court in the first place. candle colors for court cases.

Orange for influence

What mostly happens in court is that the lawyers are trying to influence the judges and make them come up with a particular judgment. Hence, you would want to ensure that your lawyers present the best cases which shows that you are the innocent part. This is where the orange candle comes in. Orange is the color you use when you want to influence a specific part of your life.

Purple for enlightenment ( candle colors for court cases )

A time of going to court can be an extremely trying one. You are going to need to be calm and to see things as objectively as possible when you deal with the lawyers defending you. Apart from learning how to make a court case powder or candle colors for court cases, you are going to have to learn to meditate and seek enlightenment. To do this, you are going to need a purple candle. 

Blue for peace ( candle colors for court cases )

Finally, what you want when you are facing a court case is some peace or candle colors for court cases. Seeking peace is the reason why you want to put the court case behind you anywhere. You also want to ensure that when this court case is done, you get your peace back once and for all. Having a court case is a situation where you are seeking for calm. Hence, I would advise a blue candle to go with this. candle colors for court cases. 

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